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Motorola PMP320 Reset Utility

The original Motorola PMP320 WiMAX CPE reset tool only works on Windows XP and has not been updated to work with a newer OS as the hardware is no longer supported. The workaround is to run a full Windows XP VM on a laptop, which is cumbersome and some laptops won't support virtualization.
To fix this, I decompiled the C# application using ILSpy and loaded the code into Visual Studio. It appeared that the decompiler mangled a few lines that converted Integers to bytes, so those lines were fixed to make the project compile. Once it was compiled, I removed the SharpPcap library from the project and through trial and error, found the newest version of the library (2.3.0) that would work with the existing code. A few functions used by the program were deprecated in newer versions of SharpPcap and since I know very little C#, I wanted to avoid making any significant changes.

After updating the library, this program seems to work on Windows 10 x64, Windows 7 x64 and Windows 7 32bit. Before running the program, make sure WinPcap is installed. For testing, I used the latest version of WinPcap. At the time of writing, that is version 4.1.3. The program is compiled targeting .NET 3.5.

The exe is available for download and I have also included a download link for the Visual Studio project file, in case anybody wants to make further modifications.


Download Exe Download Source

Gas Milage Calculator

This is something that I made to mess around with using an SQLite database with Web.Py.

I have made it available for download, though I can't guarantee that it will work with your webserver setup. If you run the Python file from your computer, it will launch and work on its own. To install applications on a web server, you could try viewing this link for help.

Main Interface

Admin Interface


Raspberry Pi Temperature Sensors

After buying some Dallas 1Wire temperature sensors from eBay, I managed to slap together some Python to output an HTML document with the values inside. It's not great, but it works!

Example Output

Python Code